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As soon as you drive off the lot with your Volvo ModelS60, XC60, XC90, V40, XC70 you will be told that you must go to the dealership to have your vehicle worked on. The primary reason fro this is because they are certified and trained to cover the labor and parts necessary to repair your Volvo, in addition to covering the warranty. Traditionally this has been the only way you could find trusted service and quality, and your budget suffered, until now! At Krause’s Automotive, our ASE certified mechanics are professionally trained to take care of all your Volvo Model needs.

Volvo Car Repair Shops Near You

Volvo designed a fantastic vehicle. Everything about modern Volvos screams efficiency and accessibility, even when it comes to maintenance and repairs. As a mechanic, that’s perfect. We don’t shy away from difficult tasks, but we also love working on an engine that was built for the everyman. Volvo has a saying: they believe that cars should be simple. At Krause Auto, we are inclined to agree with that statement. Everyone drives, and everyone can drive a Volvo with ease. Misfires; electronics; loose steering; we handle the most common, and not so common, Volvo repairs today!

At Krauses Auto, we’re familiar with almost every model of Volvo on the market today. Yes, even your beloved Volvo S60 or the Volvo V40; we’ll troubleshoot and repair common issues and find a way to get you back on the road that very day. We handle everything from the simple (check engine lights) to the more complex (engines running rough). If it’s Volvo related, we’re on it!

Expert Volvo Mechanic

Volvo makes a fantastic machine. However, no vehicle is without its troubles. Whether you merely drive from home to work each day, or enjoy weekend getaways on the road, you need a functioning car. Getting from point A to point B is nearly impossible if your engine is knocking or the electronics system is off. Krause Auto handles all your needs. Some common Volvo-related issues we solve include:

  • Rough Idle – Under rare circumstances, Volvo vehicles may endure a rough idle with no misfires. The most common cause of this issue is weak motor mounts. You may notice a clunk when the car is first put into gear.
  • SRS Light – If you see that the SRS light is illuminated, you’ll want to schedule service promptly. SRS is a critical safety system. In some cases, the problem is with the dashboard light itself, not the actual system.
  • AC Failure – Few of us can live without a working air conditioning system. An AC system failure typically means the electro-mechanical clutch system has failed. Amateur mechanics often misdiagnose the problem as a failed compressor.
  • Computer Programming - Many parts replacements require sophisticated computerized software and factory software downloads in order to complete the repairs. Krause's Automotive can handle the entire job plus save you $$$ over the dealership.

Quality You Can Trust

Having our automotive experts at Krause’s Automotive pride themselves on the fact that while you may have been told to go to a dealership to have your Volvo Model worked on, allows us to guarantee that our technicians are ASE certified with over 20 years experience in working on your S60, XC60, XC90, V40, XC70. With each of them having successfully gone through our additional extreme vetting process, we promise that they are operating up to our highest of standards for excellence and exceeding the standards for the automotive community. Because Krause’s Automotive is an independently owned automotive company, we unashamedly  guarantee each of our clients that we will never compromise on quality just to cut corners and make more money from our clients. Our certified technicians have the most recent technology to serve you with the best in the business, and it is our honor to provide you with confidence that when you call we answer, your needs and desires with your vehicle will be in a reasonable time frame, and we are always conscious of your budget. Krause’s Automotive dedicates a lot of time to our clients, giving us the edge of being fully aware of you and your needs. You are never a number but part of our family. This is a huge factor in keeping the cost for labor and parts to a minimum while not sacrificing on quality. Your investment in your Volvo is our investment.

Undeniable Guarantee

It is our guarantee that you will have access to discounted rental cars, highly competitive pricing, honoring most extended warrantees, and personal attention to your specific needs from compassionate and understanding staff. It is our belief that honesty is the best policy, and being upfront and honest with our clients while eliminating the hidden costs that tend to creep up when you go to pay the bill is very important to us. When you choose to team up with us at Krause’s Automotive, you are promised the very best service provider for your Volvo S60, XC60, XC90, V40, XC70. We promise that you will have the best care, best attention to detail, and best level of excellence form the moment you first contact us. And we will be intentional to openly communicate with you throughout the entire process you are navigating as our licensed experts will be there every step of the way making sure you understand and are not taken off guard. We look forward to working with you, so contact us today.