Top Fall Car Care Tips

Top Fall Car Care TipsWith summer on the way out, it’s important to make sure your car is ready for cooler temperatures. If you’re like most luxury vehicle owners, you probably drive vehicle year-round. Before the leaves start to fall, consider bringing your car in for maintenance. Taking steps to care for your vehicle this fall is important for your safety and the longevity of your favorite ride.

Check Your Tires

No matter the time of the year, a thorough maintenance appointment is not complete without checking your tires’ condition. It’s important to check the tire tread depth and for signs of wear and bulges or bald spots that may have appeared since your last appointment. At the same time, tire pressure should be closely examined.

As temperatures drop during the fall from the heat of the summer, your tires are liking to show signs first.

Inspect the Battery

Your battery is one of the primary components of your luxury vehicle. Without a working battery, you’re likely stuck in your driveway.
This fall, have a technician inspect the battery connections to ensure they’re secured tightly and free of corrosion. The coming weather can take quite a toll on your car’s battery.

Check the Brakes

Before the cold weather really starts to hit, take a moment to inspect your brakes—or at least have a technician do the job for you. The falling temperatures may not affect your brake system as much as your tires, but driving conditions during the fall and coming winter may require you to stop on a dime. Being able to break when needed is key to your safety.

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