Expert Lexus Car Repair Shop & Service Center in Lewisville, TX

We count it the highest honor to provide you with the quality and excellence you deserve at Krause’s Automotive. Many of our clients, have been told to go to a dealership with their Lexus IS models (IS250, IS300, IS350), GS models (GS350, GS450, GS430, GS460), RX350 (they do make an RX450 but not too many out there), ES350, GX models (GW460 & GX470), and LX570, in order to maintain their warranty coverage. However, you will be pleased to know that our certified mechanics are trained to take care of all your Lexus needs and our work meets the requirements maintaining your vehicles warranty coverage.

Lexus Auto Repair Shop Near You

There is something about a Lexus. Is it the distinct power of the engine? Or perhaps the spaciousness of the interior? Something unique has drawn you to owning a Lexus, and you likely never looked back after your purchase. We can’t blame you. Lexus is a fantastic make. So much, in fact, that Krauses Auto took a particular liking to Lexus. Today, we service Lexus IS Models, Lexus GS Models, Lexus RX350, and even GX Models--everything you’ll find on the road today!

While Lexus certainly offers more for your money, repairs are still a requirement. Never shy away from a service appointment just because you drive a luxury vehicle. You want to care for your investment, after all. At Krause Auto, we are fully equipped to perform comprehensive diagnostics and full repairs, including minor and complete engine repairs. Anything you need, our ASE certified technicians can guarantee a job done right. That’s the level of service we provide at every appointment!

Lexus Repair Specialist

It is not enough for a repair shop to simply claim excellent service. It must be proven. Over the years, Krause Auto has shown its experience and knowledge of Lexus repair. Our certified technicians have gone above and beyond the call of duty, beyond simple oil and filter changes, to provide every level of service you could imagine. If your timing belt is off, we can fix the problem. If your radiator is giving you trouble, our technicians will perform detailed diagnostics and get you back on the road promptly.

Many independent repair shops choose to specialize in one area, such as transmission repairs. That’s not us, though. We love every aspect of today’s modern engines. Our team of Lexus specialists handles everything from electronics and drivability to cooling systems and steering/suspension. We are genuine experts at everything Lexus. Schedule service today to find out for yourself why we’re the community’s most trusted repair shop!

Why We Are Set Apart

At Krause’s Automotive, we proudly guarantee that our automotive technicians are ASE certified with over 20 years experience in working on your Lexus IS models (IS250, IS300, IS350), GS models (GS350, GS450, GS430, GS460), RX350 (they do make an RX450 but not too many out there), ES350, GX models (GW460 & GX470), and LX570. While each of them have successfully gone through our extreme vetting process to ensure that each of them is operating up to our high standards of excellence, they all exceed the standard of excellence required to meet the basic standards in the industry. At Krause’s Automotive, we refuse to compromise on quality and state of the art technology just so that we can cut corners and make more money from our clients. It is very important to us to have open communication and up front expectations set. We provide you with assurance that when you call we answer, your needs and desires with your Lexus will be met, as well as being ever mindful of your budget. With us being an independent and privately owned company, Krause’s Automotive is keenly aware of each of our clients and their needs, thus making family a huge factor in keeping the cost for labor and parts to a minimum while not sacrificing on quality for any reason.

Our Guarantee

From the moment you align with Krause’s Automotive, you are guaranteed alignment with the best Automotive service provider for your Lexus IS models (IS250, IS300, IS350), GS models (GS350, GS450, GS430, GS460), RX350 (they do make an RX450 but not too many out there), ES350, GX models (GW460 & GX470), and LX570. We promise you will have the best customer service, quality attention to detail, highest level of excellence, and full disclosure of the process you are navigating. We guarantee that you will have access to discounted rental cars, the highest competitive pricing, and personal attention to your specific needs from compassionate and understanding staff. Your investment is our investment.