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Hello Friends,

Wow, we didn't see this coming did we? Danny, Jeff, and I along with our families send our prayers that you stay healthy and safe during these trying times. So far we are all as okay as one might expect and we hope the same for you.

While there is much uncertainty and disruption to our lives this digital age gives us unprecedented abilities to stay in contact and keep things going from home. When we must go out for necessities, we need to get back and forth efficiently with as little contact with our neighbors as possible. The few times we venture out are more important than a drive is in normal times.

Doctors, media, and politicians have given plenty of instructions so I'll try not to bore you with those. I'll stick to my lane and offer you some info that might help keep you safe regarding your vehicles:

  • Don't run on empty - Keep enough fuel to actually get somewhere
  • Wear gloves or something to avoid contact with the fuel pump equipment and wash/sanitize your hands immediately after fueling up.
  • Be more diligent about checking the basics (fluid levels, tire pressures, wiper blade condition, exterior lamps etc..)
  • Make sure your tires are in good condition
  • Don't wait until the last minute to get your State Inspection or Vehicle Registration as things will move slower than usual right now
  • Keep some disinfecting spray or wipes along with some gloves in the car
  • Keep you vehicle clean! Disinfect the things you touch - inner & outer door handles, steering wheel, turn signal levers, shifter, park brake handle, seat belt latch and catch, stereo and other controls etc..
  • Get your scheduled maintenance done on time so there isn't chaos during a sudden trip (lack of planning constituting an emergency for someone else)

Call or email me if you think of anything else.

Krause's Automotive is open and we are happy to help. Call or email to schedule or discuss any automotive needs. Temporarily we are only accepting drop offs (No waiting while repairs are done). We also may be able to pickup and drop off so call for details.

Thank you always,

Robert Krause
Krause's Automotive