How to Find an Honest Luxury Car Mechanic

How to Find an Honest Luxury Car MechanicYour luxury car, be it a BMW, Audi, or Mercedes Benz, is your baby. You’ve spent a lot of hard-earned time, money, and energy fine-tuning the engine and getting it off the lot. As such, you’re picky about who lifts the hood and performs the usual maintenance and repairs. You want the best. You want an honest luxury car mechanic nearby.

First, let’s explore how dishonest mechanics work. Then you’ll have a better idea of who to avoid when you need luxury car services.

How Dishonest Mechanics Operate

Dishonest mechanics, while rare, are a plague upon the industry. They prey on uninformed drivers who simply want top service for their luxury cars. Today’s dishonest mechanics hype up a service, using confusing terminology and industry jargon, and suggesting “shotgun” repairs for your car.
They’ll routinely tell you, for example, that without an expensive repair job, your engine will explode. That’s false. Your engine isn’t going to blow up. But these mechanics will prey on your fears.

How Honest Mechanics Work

Then, we have an honest mechanic. Most of the mechanics in the industry today are in it because they love cars and helping people. Most are honest.

An honest mechanic loves an informed customer. Take a moment to read your owner’s manual. By doing so, you’ll show that you care about your vehicle and the service you receive. On the other hand, you’ll also better understand what an honest mechanic explains to you about your car.

Furthermore, an honest mechanic is all about communication before, during, and after repairs. They’ll explain what is wrong with your engine, how they can fix it, how much it will cost, how long it will take, etc. Everything you need to know — they will explain from start to finish.

Then, they’ll give you a written estimate that includes parts, labor, fluids, and other products or supplies necessary for the job.

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