How to Properly Clean Your European Luxury Car

European Luxury CarYou spent far too much money to drive a high-end luxury vehicle straight from Europe. It wouldn’t do to let your investment look worn and rundown.By performing regular maintenance and occasional cleaning, you can keep your luxury vehicle’s value high and its appearance out of this world.

Whether you’re driving a BMW, Land Rover, or Mercedes-Benz, you owe it to yourself and to your luxury car to treat it right.
Read the Cleaning Labels

Most luxury vehicles include a thorough cleaning label. This label may be included in the owner’s manual, so take a flip through the book on occasion.

Essentially, the cleaning labels will detail the proper application of soap, wax, and car detailer for your make and model. You want to get this step right, as some cleaner is highly acidic and can wear down aluminum wheels, for example.

Choose the Correct Soap

You can’t grab your dish soap off the kitchen and counter and hope for the best. For a luxury European car, you need a soap designed specifically for high-end vehicles. Certain types of dish soap and even some types of car soap are known to strip wax and paint of many vehicles on the market today.

Furthermore, washing your car gently. You want to clean off loose dust, dirt, and must with a light cloth.

Wash the Windows and Wheels

Many vehicle owners forget to wash their windows and wheels until they’re covered in dirt and grime. For the windows, opt for a specially-formulated window cleaner designed for high-end vehicles. For the wheels, choose an acid-free pH-balanced aluminum wheel cleaner. Both types of products will help you avoid any outstanding damage to your car’s exterior.

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