Choosing the Best Fuel for Your Luxury Vehicle

Best Fuel for Your Luxury VehicleFor many drivers on the road, pulling into a gas station is a routine visit that doesn’t warrant much thought. You grab the nozzle, hit the button for the cheapest gas, then go on your way. But if you drive a luxury vehicle, you know better. You know that the fuel you put in your vehicle is its lifeblood. Your high-end car deserves nothing but the best.

Do you know how to choose the best fuel for your luxury vehicle?

Types of Fuels

Most passenger vehicles on the market today operate on gasoline. Some, however, run on diesel, E85 gasoline, hybrid gas/electric, or natural gas. Even hydrogen is starting to become more prominent these days.

You likely know what type of gas your luxury vehicle runs on, but just in case you forgot or are just driving off the lot, check the fuel door. There’s a label inside with clear instructions.

Regular vs. Premium Fuels

Once you know the type of fuel, it’s time to determine the grade. Higher octane levels help protect your engine against pinging and knocking. For many high-compression engines and models with turbochargers, higher-octane fuel is a must-have.

While your manual may suggest premium gas, it’s not a firm requirement. Most run perfectly fine on low-grade gas which, besides saving you money, will help keep you on the road longer. Every so often, opt for premium, higher grade gas. Doing so will help keep your car’s engine running at peak performance.

Octane Ratings

Lastly, there are octane ratings to consider. The octane rating is what you see at the pump. It is the measure of the fuel’s ability to resist any issues, such as knocks, during combustion.

Unleaded gasoline has an octane rating of 87 for regular, 88–90 for midgrade, and 91–94 for premium. Most luxury vehicles are designed to run on 87 octane. Some, such as Jaguar, run best with higher octane fuel, such as 91.

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