It is hot and gas is too expensive

August 5, 2015

This summer is back to normal for Texas as compared to last year and our electricity bills are reflecting it too. I suggest upping your attic insulation and installing a radiant barrier too if your house doesn't already have it. It also helps to have solar screens to deflect the radiant heat from the sun.

Even if you can only install them on the western side windows it helps even if it looks funny until you can do the rest of them. Those thermostats that adjust the temperature at different times of the day automatically can make a good difference as well. While I like it cool, turning the thermostat up a couple degrees can also reduce your power bill.
Gasoline prices ..... well, what can we say? They have doubled in 2 years, but have come down these past few months.
Here are some suggestions that should help:
  • Limit your driving. Try to plan your errands to get it done in as few road trips as possible.
  • Slow down. Ease into the throttle whenever it won't get you run over.
  • Use your cruise control on highway drives. Steady throttle saves fuel!
  • Keep your vehicle maintained. Well tuned and lubed machines work more efficiently.
  • Share rides whenever possible. One vehicle uses less fuel than two or more. DUH!
  • Keep your tire pressures correct. Low tire pressure increases rolling rsistance and wears your tires faster.
  • Consider buying a very fuel friendly car for your daily commute and save your nice one for weekends.

Well keep cool, go swimming, drink plenty of water and otherwise take care.

Thanks for letting me take the wheel again...

– Robert