#1 BMW Car Repair Shop & Service Center in Lewisville, TX

At the moment your tires hit the road when you drive off the lot with your BMW 3-series (320, 325, 328, 335), 4-series (428,435), 5-series (525, 528, 535, 550), X5, X3, X1, 1-series (128, 135), Z4 and more, you will be told that you must go to the dealership to have your vehicle worked on. They'll claim this is because they are the only ones certified and trained to repair your BMW, in addition to covering the warranty. From a traditional standpoint, this had been the only way you could find trusted service and quality, and your budget has greatly suffered, until now! At Krause’s Automotive, our ASE certified mechanics are professionally trained and utilize Genuine BMW computerized diagnostics to take care of all your BMW Model needs and requirements. We take care of all the BMW models, and have a very strong reputation providing custom care for our BMW clients.

BMW Auto Repair Near You

Krause's Automotive provides top-tier BMW automotive repair for the driver who wants a safer, more reliable driving experience. Even high-end vehicles, such as the BMW 3-Series, BMW 4-Series, and BMW 5-Series, require love and attention from a skilled mechanic. Whether you’re in need of a tune-up or had some damage from a minor fender-bender, our technicians will prove their skill with a BMW.

At Krause's Automotive, our focus has long been on customer satisfaction. We want you to feel fully informed about the condition of your BMW X5 or any other model on the line. The slightest knock in the engine could send waves of dread down your spine. Bring it in for repairs. We guarantee that once you step foot on the gas after one repair appointment, you won’t be disappointed. The feeling of a working engine, running without a hitch, is simply unparalleled. With Krause's Auto, you can experience that feeling day in and day out.

BMW Expert Mechanic

Working with top-of-the-line BMW series requires knowledge and technical know-how, which are two factors you’ll find in abundance at Krause Auto. Our hand-selected team of top mechanics has been around cars and trucks all their lives. We know the inside of a motor like the back of our hand. Whether you’ve recently noticed a slew of electronic problems, or perhaps the ignition modules aren’t quite what they used to be, our team can troubleshoot and resolve the issue promptly!

BMW is no average make, though. We’re talking about a high-class ride for individuals who love the thrill of the open road. The joy of the road does come with some responsibility, however. Yes, we’re talking about maintenance and repairs. Thankfully, Krauses Auto has earned its reputation as the top BMW experts in the region. For Lewisville drivers, a functioning BMW is more than a lifestyle; it’s an invitation to enjoy the more excellent things in life.

The Krause’s Automotive Promise

Because Krause’s Automotive is an independently owned automotive company, we unashamedly guarantee each of our clients that we will never compromise on quality just to cut corners and make more money from our clients. Our certified technicians are equipped with the latest technology to provide you with the highest quality labor and parts in the industry, and it is our honor to empower you with confidence that we answer when you call. It is of greatest concern that your time not be wasted, your budget be respected, and the work on your BMW 3-series (320, 325, 328, 335), 4-series (428,435), 5-series (525, 528, 535, 550), X5, X3, X1, 1-series (128, 135), Z4 never be compromised for any reason. Krause’s Automotive dedicates a lot of time to our clients, giving us the edge of being fully aware of you and your needs. You are never a number but part of our family. This is a huge factor in keeping the cost for labor and parts to a minimum while not sacrificing on quality. Your investment in your BMW is our investment. We have created our own extensive vetting process for our already ASE certified professionals, and we promise that they have not only met but exceeded the standards for the automotive community.

Unmatched Quality

At Krause’s Automotive, we are intensely dedicated to full disclosure and open communication. We will not leave you in the dark or accumulate hidden costs, which is why we back up our work. We take pride in the highest of quality in both parts and labor, and we strive daily to exceed the expectations of our clients no matter how big or small the task may be. We cover most extended warranties, provide  custom consultations, and set out from the beginning to establish trust with all of our clients. Our staff is professional, excellent at what they do, and are compassionate. They will make sure you have access to discounted rental cars and are met with the best price for all your BMW 3-series (320, 325, 328, 335), 4-series (428,435), 5-series (525, 528, 535, 550), X5, X3, X1, 1-series (128, 135), Z4 needs. It brings us great joy to serve you and your family, so contact our office today and we will begin your custom consultation right away!