Expert Audi Car Repair Shop & Service Center in Lewisville, TX

From the moment you drive off the lot with your Audi Model A3, A4, Q5, A6, A5, Extra Audi  A7, TT, and A8 you will be told that you must go to the dealership to have your vehicle worked on. This is because they are certified and trained to cover the labor and parts necessary to repair your Audi, as well as to cover the warranty. This has been the only way you could find trusted service and quality, but your budget suffered. Until now! At Krause’s Automotive, our ASE certified mechanics are trained and certified to take care of all your Audi Model needs and maintain the factory warranty coverage. At Krause’s Automotive we are dedicated to serving our clients with the excellence and quality they deserve.

Audi Repair Shops Near You

When shopping for an Audi, most buyers seek comfort, sophistication, and performance; all qualities you’ll find in today’s Audi models. Audi has earned a reputation for creating fantastic quality vehicles that withstand the test of time. Even the most stalwart engines experience trouble on occasion, so when your Audi is acting up, trust in the experts at Krause Auto. We have a history of servicing Audi vehicles, including the AS4, Q5, and TT. Responsive service is critical; we care about keeping your Audi running optimally for the foreseeable future!

With ASE certified technicians at your service, Krause Auto provides both routine maintenance and extensive repairs on all Audi models. In fact, some would call us Audi experts. We are inclined to agree with that statement. Years of experience and a high level of commitment allow us to focus on quality service and your satisfaction!

Your Local Audi Specialists

When you drive an Audi, a certain level of expectation comes with gripping the steering wheel. You want an engine that functions optimally, performance that is unparalleled, and a comfortable ride. Audi can certainly deliver. However, some conditions may apply. You’ll want to perform regular maintenance, for one. And secondly, you want to always schedule prompt repairs. Never let a failing engine or a faulty electronics system go unattended.

Krauses Auto are your local Audi specialists. We have vast experience servicing the Audi A4, Audi A7. Audi A8, and many other models. Your chosen specialist should have experience, warranty coverage, responsive service, and the right tools and equipment for the job. Krause Auto has everything you need!

Audi is a fantastic model, known for its comfort, speed, and performance. To ensure that your car is up to that standard, we handle:

  • Oil Leaks
  •  Exhaust Leaks
  • Axle CV Boot Repairs
  • And so much more!

The Difference

Our automotive experts at Krause’s Automotive pride themselves on the fact that while you may have been told to go to a dealership to have your VW Model worked on, you are guaranteed that our technicians are ASE certified with over 20 years experience in working on your A3, A4, Q5, A6, A5, Extra Audi  A7, TT, and A8. Each of them have successfully gone through our additional extreme vetting process, which enables us to ensure that they are operating up to our highest of standards for excellence. Because we are an independently owned automotive company, we absolutely guarantee each of our clients that we absolutely refuse to compromise on quality just to cut corners and make more money from our clients. Our certified technicians have the most recent technology to serve you with the best in the business. It is our honor to provide you with confidence that when you call we answer, your needs and desires with your vehicle will be met in a timely manner, and we are always conscious of your budget. With us being an independent and privately owned company, Krause’s Automotive is very much aware of each of our clients and their needs. This is a huge factor in keeping the cost for labor and parts to a minimum while not sacrificing on quality. Let us partner with you to provide the best possible service in the industry for all your Audi needs.

Our Promise

Not only are we promising that you will have the best care, best attention to detail, and best level of excellence, but you will also have the best awareness of the process you are navigating as our licensed experts will be there every step of the way making sure you understand and are not taken off guard. In choosing to team up with us at Krause’s Automotive, you are guaranteed to be given the very best Automotive service provider for your A3, A4, Q5, A6, A5, Extra Audi  A7, TT, and A8. It is our guarantee that you will have access to discounted rental cars, highly competitive pricing, honoring most extended warrantees, and personal attention to your specific needs from compassionate and understanding staff. We believe in being upfront and honest with our clients, eliminating the hidden costs that tend to creep up when you go to pay the bill at other automotive service providers. At Krause’s Automotive, we consider you our family, and value that your investment is of great priority. Contact us today for your custom consultation today!