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Driving in style is a rite of passage. You’ve saved your money, worked hard, and are now driving the luxury vehicle of your dreams. Then, out of nowhere, something goes wrong. The engine starts to die, and you slowly lose power. It’s heartbreaking to see your luxury car in such a state. Krause’s Automotive—a locally owned and operated business—is the premier luxury vehicle service shop in Addison, TX.

Affordable Luxury Car Service in Addison

Just because you drive a luxury vehicle doesn’t mean you need to spend extra money on repairs or maintenance. You deserve affordable luxury car service in Addison, TX. With top expertise on our team, we can service your vehicle and get you back on the road sooner!

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Expert Auto Mechanics

As a luxury vehicle owner, you expect the best. You wouldn’t trust your BMW or Lexus to just anyone, right? We feel the same, which is why Krause’s Automotive has built a team of expert auto mechanics with proven experience and training for the job.

Trusted by Local Community

When you drive a luxury car, you don’t have many options for vehicle service. Your choices are to pay extensively and drive to big cities or visit Krause’s Automotive. We have the skills and reputation the community trust

About Addison

Addison, immediately north of Dallas, is a bustling town with a lot of character. There’s nothing quite like driving your BMW down Midway Road in search of something good to eat.

Now is your chance to schedule top-rated luxury vehicle service in Addison, TX, with Krause’s Automotive. Give us a call at 972-221-8743!

Local Reviews for Addison, TX

Robert K.

Robert K.

Working on a 2003 BMW Z4. We pressure tested the cooling system for leaks due to the customer seeing coolant on the ground. We replaced the radiator and expansion tank with upper and lower radiator hoses and we replaced a cooling hose to the engine.

Near Brookwood Ln, Addison, TX 75001
Robert K.

Robert K.

Working on a 2008 VW Passat. We replaced the timing belt with tensioner, rollers and water pump and completed an oil and filter service.

Near Addison, TX